Cameron Blackwood

Cam sees some work coming

Cameron is Evil. Ask his mum, Beryl the Wyrmspawn. Ask his 'friends'. Ask Narelle? Ask people who look at his home page. Ask random people in the street. There's no better way to put it. He likes torturing cats, people and Telstra. Cameron is responsible for which is a very strange machine at the best of times.

Cammie is probably one of the best roleplayers and GM's that I've ever had the pleasure to play with - he is kinda worrying the way he gets into other people's heads.

there once was a young man called cam
whose tie was seventies glam

he wore it to work
his workmates went "URK!"
and proceeded to pelt him with spam.
-- Narelle

Quote: Ahh, that subtle mixture of Ventrue and Brujah, "excuse me please... *BIFF*"

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