Narelle 'Nazbeast' Price

 The Naz beast lurks around the corner ole! Here we can see the Nazzabeast in her traditional environment, the roleplaying session. Note the small pieces of symbolic plastic and paper that the Nazzabeast uses to line the nest, and to ward off the predatorial Jee'em. The Nazzabeast usually spends its days in the safety of a sysadmin's office, cunningly placed near where many other beings come to die. This particular specimen, which we have been observing for nearly a year now, was previously known to spend its time in the ferny undergrowth, but was repeatedly savaged by a ingres. Oh, I think it has realised that we're here... yes, it has, its turning towards us, shit, run Jim, drop the camera and just ru

Quote: Just for once I'd like to be surprised tonight AHAJRHHAKHAHAJ!