Perfect Wisdom Ascendant

The final fate of The Blessed Guide on the Final Journey

I am the betrayed one, lying bleeding on the field of ashes
He remembered saying those words, part of the arduous ritual he had just undertaken. A ritual which had resulted in the destruction of one of the greatest cities in the east - and one the Dayshield who protected it. A ritual which had lifted a curse put on his masters realm. The realm which was now his - his master destroyed while sitting on his twisted throne of soulsteel, basalt and jade as it extended towards the heavens - lifting the curse from his realm and preparing to reap more destruction upon the realms of man.
Now it was his.
The ritual had been costly - he had sacrificed many things to aid its completion - the mass of scars between his legs were testament to that. Giving up the ability to create life in order to end it all.
Forging someone important to him, someone he no longer remembered, into a vehicle of their destruction.
Hanging there, the chain suspending him from the apex of a massive construct, an effigy of his master.s prison, and him an effigy of them - chained to their prison, both dead and alive, filled with distant quasi-memories.
Memories of a crossroads, and a well.
Memories of children dancing among the ashes.
Hanging there, a prince in chains.
His brothers betrayal had come as somewhat of a surprise, although - little did he know it - he was aiding rather than hindering their Neverborn masters... adding more fuel to the fire. Allowing him to forge the metaphysical connexion with She who birthed betrayal all the more easier.
He would have to be dealt with of course. But for now he had more pressing things to deal with, such as defending his realm.
Destroying one of the largest cities in the East hardly makes one popular.

The Blessed Guide on the Final Journey was now the prophesied 14th Deathlord.
I am the forgetting one, forgotten to the world
Somehow, he very much doubted that.