Evangeline, The Whiplash Queen, Demon of the Second Circle

Messenger Soul of the Ravine of Whispers

There are many who speak out against their masters, and many who seek wisdom forbidden to them. But for these indiscretions against the ultimate hierarchy there is a price to be paid, that price is pain.
Demons know that this pain is called Evangeline.

Any one who looks deeply into the 307th flame of She Who Lives in Her Name will see brief flickers of bladed whips and flashes of a naked female form. Depending on their preferences the viewer may be moved by lust, horror or jealousy but all who see her in this form are overwhelmed by curiosity, they know there is more to see but they can not quite make out the details.

Evangeline may also manifest as a beautiful woman too tall and thin to be human with hair the colour of brass and six long graceful arms. She wears a gown of glittering brass rings that will sometimes part to expose soft milky white skin and sometimes catch to reveal barbed hooks that attach it to her flesh.

If Stanewald can be said to be one of the greatest dancers of Malfeas, then surely Evangeline is the greatest tease. Legends and rumours dating to before the Primordial War tell of her beauty and her skills as a lover, but no first hand accounts are ever written for it is her nature to tempt and hint but never to succumb. The madness and captivity of her Mother have changed Evangeline from a giggling virgin, to an icy mistress, but at heart she remains that which cannot be had.

In her right hands she holds:

While in her left hands she holds:

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