A sick MattMatt leads to productive thoughts on conflict between the flames.

In my current, fever addled state, plot spirits flow into my brain, only to be combusted by the flames which burn inside. As they blink out of existance, they release their precious gems to wisdom to me, which swirl, barely recognised, until a state of calm descends upon me, and the path is laid clear.

The flames should be able to do something more than just consume whatever aspect of reality they are associated with. However, they should not be the all-consuming plot device that the Eye of Autocthon is. I figure Slebne can create Wyld zones, several hundred kilometers across. Death can cause physical destruction, in addition to the general, soul consuming nastiness which it does so naturally. Innocence, I am not so sure about. Perhaps it can create a barrier around an area, isolating it from the rest of the world, selfishly cutting itself off from its friends and foes.

Furthermore, I like the idea that the flames will not harm one another. Fratricide, said Munaxes, is a human failing. The clay experiment which is man was never gifted with the intimate knowledge of its brothers and sisters which is inherent in those truly formed from and invested with the a divine spirit. Thus, should man attempt to control the divine, forcing it to disobey its nature, the disobenience shall occur. But it shall not be as man wishes, but a reclaiming of the divine right of self-determination.

I figure we arrange for the bearers of the flames to use them against one another, only for both (or all three, if they are all there), to be consumed by the arrival of Munaxes, returning them in due time to She Who Lives In Her Name. This could be the climax of Semester One, and lead in to Semester Two, where the PCs must navigate the depths of Malfeas, seeking to reclaim the flames, so that they can be shattered on the Imperial Mountain, restoring all that they have consumed. Along the way, the PCs will have to contend with the former bearers also hunting them down, and will be tempted with offers of aid in exchange for freedom from the inhabitants of Malfeas. Further compounding matters will be the revelation and torment associated with learning the truth about how the Exalts were first created, and why they were made as they are, and given the world after the war was won.

I now return you to more sensible living.