The Perfect Wisdom of the Neverborn

  1. There is nothing in this world but pain, suffering and death. The birth, the death and endless pain and suffering in between.
  2. Only in death can we find true solace.
  3. All people have a path that they must walk. Some to live and ease the way for death, some to die, and some to show the way.
  4. All should know thier path - for only in this knowledge can they be assured of thier true place when they reach the end of all roads.
  5. Those that must live to ease the way must care over the graves and monuments to the dead, and daily burn offerings to them, so that they will be pleased and provided for in the afterlife.
  6. Those that are to die must be made to do so - willingly or unwillingly.
  7. Those who are chosen to show the way will appear to you in a variety of guises, but no matter thier guise must be shown the utmost respect - for they are the intemediataries between you and the great lords of the endless crossroads, and are the ones who know upon which road each of us is to walk.
  8. Creation herself is dying and, due to the intervention of the sons of dragons and the children of the sun, her death will not be painless. But like a sickly animal she must be sent upon her final journey.

Ultimately, we all walk only one road.
Take care that it is the correct one.

- The perfect wisdom of the Neverborn
As written by The Blessed Guide on the Final Journey