A vision of Creation given to the Blessed Guide on the Final Journey

Creation Through the Eyes of Those Who Have Seen All

You see a table, where a child is having a tea party with all her toys.

At the head of the table is a little girl, on her head is a crown made of dragons. In the little girl's lap sits a silver doll, it's playing some kind of card game with the other toys. Accross the table sits a golden doll with startleingly human eyes, cut strings dangle from his four arms. The final players are a group of five finger puppets made from a spakleing mettal, they appear to be a tiny group of girls.

You notice that the finger puppets are attached to the broken arm of a little girl caught in a cage beneath the table. This cage is packed full of children, all of them look scared and sick. The largest boy blocks the door and weeps green tears from his empty eye sockets. Another boy with dark hair and eyes has worked his fingers bloody trying to pick the lock.

Your view shifts, beyond the tea party is a large, soft bed where a boy sleeps surrounded by his clockwork toys.

As you drift lower you begin smell decay and rotting meat. What you see is a mound of rotting children teaming with rats and other vermin. You see that some of the rats have little golden crowns and they lord over the other rats. Tiny wars are fought amoungst the rats over choice pieces of meat, and who stands the highest on the mound.

The bloody eyes of the dead children all flick open and look at you
and you hear their whispers....