The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Two

After Daria has seen to it that the pizza boy has been rushed to hospital, Daria decides that she has had just about enough of Jennifer and Helena's company for the time being, and leaves to go somewhere else alone. Helena becomes stricken with anxiety with the thought of Jennifer leaving her, and begins to call out for her to stay by her side and keep her safe (!). Although Helena is conscious now, her will is broken and she is scarcely able to struggle to keep herself together enough to fight off Jennifer's presence. Eventually, with her beloved cradling her head upon her lap, Helena is able to contentedly fall asleep as the sun begins to rise.

Helena wakes the following night to find that the presence that Jennifer has bespelled her with is gone, and she is able to clearly see her manipulation and becomes infuriated. Now Helena is able to examine Jennifer's aura, and all she finds is guilt, fear and confusion, despite expecting to find malice. After verbally abusing her and ignoring her stuttering attempts to apologise, Helena orders Jennifer to get the fuck out of her sight, despite having been told by Alfred that she is to keep an eye on Jennifer.

Upon Daria returning after sunset, Daria eventually enquires into how watching Jennifer is going, and it is then her mistake dawns upon Helena. The girls decide that since Jennifer had only left the room around 5 minutes ago, they had the chance of chasing her down. They head from Daria's hotel in Russel Street towards Flinders Street Station, where they assume she will be heading. Upon sighting her in the foyer of the station, the girls eventually persuade her to stay with them, after all, they are all new to this, and unfamiliar with the city and the politics, so they may as well be friends.

Thinking that it may be a good idea to familiarize themselves further with the vampire community, they all agree to go and hang out at the bar and see if there are others who they can get to know.

The three girls are let upstairs by the same security guard, Phillip, and timidly enter the bar. Inside they meet a pair of vampires sitting together who introduce themselves as Sophie and Peter, a pair of Toreadors, much to Helena's interest. As they become aquainted, a ghoul by name of Marshall offers them drinks.

Daria and Helena accept wineglasses of blood, and stare with a shock at Jennifer, who calmly asks for a glass of wine without batting an eyelid. She is offered the glass, and sips at it uncomfortably, as she is watched with fascination and almost repulsion by the other four vampires. Jennifer tells the transfixed party that it is not a problem for her to eat and drink mortal food and drink, and asks what's wrong? Sophie replies with something along the lines of "oh, nothing at all, my dear, but could you do it again?" with it quickly becoming clear that she is treating Jennifer like an amusing novelty rather than with curiosity.

Soon the conversation returns to Sophie and Peter. Jennifer, Daria and Helena learn that Sophie and Peter work at Crown under the instruction of Jessamy, who turns out to be their sire, as well as helping Jessamy out with his management of the rest of Southbank. They also learn that an ancient Toreador vampire older than the prince by the name of Vaughn spends a great deal of his time at in a club above the Oak Room at Crown, a vampire who is five times removed from Jessamy.

When there is a chance, Helena quietly asks the two Toreador what they knew of Jeremy, as although the blood bond they shared has been broken, the loss of the affection and need she felt from him as a mortal still breaks her heart. Sophie and Peter tell her that Jeremy had issues with one of the Prince's knights named Luke.

Among their conversation, Sophie and Peter discuss the Sabbat with Daria, who they refer to as a "vampire cult" or a "death cult" unlike the Camarilla - kind of a dark ages thing that is still going on in that wars are still being fought between the two sanctions. She tells them how no one really knows who they are; they are strange, organise in tribes and are insular.

At some stage, Alfred storms into the bar looking exasperated. He slams a large samurai sword onto the bar and gestures for Marshall to quickly pour him a glass of blood. Alfred looks at the three girls and tells them that he needs their help. He said that there had been a problem with a nightclub in Springvale. He'd arrived there, and a car had sped away with the driver covered in Kindred blood. He was seen driving into the Springvale Necropolis, but lost him there. He said that he needed them to check it out for him, and that they would be confronted with the clean-up crew that he had sent to remove evidence from the scene.

Almost as an afterthought, Alfred tells the three girls that they will be required to attend a formal meeting on Friday night, where they will be formally introduced to the other clans. He tells them that they should dress up for the occasion, and points to the room where the meeting will take place. He points out a series of symbols on the wall and instructs each of the girls which symbol they will be required to sit under, according to their respective clans.

Upon arrival at the necropolis in Daria's car, they see a series of tire tracks leading up to the broken necropolis door, and upon entering the necropolis observe the "clean-up crew" that Alfred had sent around to deal with the problem.

From the scene and discussion with the clean-up crew, they learn that there had been an injured Kindred in the boot of the now abandoned car that Alfred had been chasing. The boot of the car had been kicked open and the victim had run through a pond nearby, as though to clean the blood off them. On the steering wheel was a combination of mortal and Kindred blood.

The girls decide to split up and examine different parts of the cemetery. Daria moves towards the direction of the back gate and finds around eight possums with their heads bitten off, but other than that, nothing else. The girls decide that it would be a good idea to bury them to ensure they do not raise questions. Other than that, they can see bent wire and scratch marks on the back fence to indicate that someone has jumped over it. Over the road is a shopping centre, however there is no sign of anything suspicious in there. After finding the beheaded possums, Helena calls Alfred to get Jessica's phone number (the Gangrel living in the area) yet she says that she has no idea as to what's going on.

Aside from this, Jennifer manages to find what appears to be a series of chipped ancient Greek letters on gravestones, that upon a closer inspection by Jennifer seem to be Cyrillic, as well as what appears to be some with blood burnt onto them. Jennifer says that she has a friend at Monash University who works in the Archaeology department, and agrees to get a rubbing and take it to her friend to get translated.