The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Eight

Thursday Night (continued)

Jennifer, Helena and Alfred stand beside the road at the point where Jessica has told them that Bradley had got into a car. Jessica is barely able to hold herself upright, speaks with a drifty, vague voice and seems fairly oblivious to her surroundings.

When she is questioned about why she chose Bradley to give away her blood to, she cryptically says that she chose Bradley as he was a hunter, and giving him all of her blood had made him a real hunter, and now she doesn't need to hunt anymore. She mentions that giving all of her blood to Bradley has meant that she no longer has the desire to hunt nor the need to feed, however her disciplines have remained unaltered. She also says that although Bradley drove her into the necropolis, she doesn't know anything about the incidents that have been happening there.

Alfred tells the girls that he is going to take Jessica back to her house and asks them to accompany him. He grabs Jessica around the waist and hoists her over his shoulder and puts her into his car.

Jessica's house is filled with furniture that looks as though it has come from hard rubbish collections; it is cluttered and smells very bad - much of the smell probably being attributable to the dozens of cats that wander around the house. With Jessica over his shoulder, Alfred looks around her house and eventually finds a wooden board that appears to cover a patch of earth. He removes the lid, drops her to the ground and says "Okay, in you go", however she tells him that she can't.

Helena is confused about what Alfred means, and he tells her that the Gangrel usually sink into the ground, and that is how they sleep.

Alfred digs a hole in the earth and drops her body into it before covering her back over with the earth. Jennifer gets some cushions from the couches and covers her over so that if she rises during the day she is not caught in sunlight.

Still inside Jessica's house, Alfred says that he has to talk to Michael about what has happened, and that he has to find Bradley and kill him. When Jennifer protests, Alfred says that there is no question about the fact that he has to die; he has killed one of Luke's ghouls and poses a threat to the masquerade. He still seems confused about why Jessica had done what did; he didn't even know vampires could do that. He says that the Gangrel are all very inhuman in relation to many of the other vampire clans, and that Jessica is the least human of them all; that is why Valerie is their Representative and not Jessica. Jennifer suggests that it may be a good idea to talk to the other Gangrel and see if they can give them any more information.

Friday Night

Alfred had instructed Helena and Jennifer that they are to continue to monitor the necropolis, and that they should get in contact with his ghoul who has been monitoring the necropolis. Alfred also asks Jennifer to try and contact Daria again, as no one has been able to get in contact with her recently. When Jennifer calls her, Daria answers her mobile, but tells Jennifer that she has a lot of people demanding her compliance primarily to them at the moment, but she eventually agrees to meet her at the necropolis and help monitor it when she can.

Helena has to feed and heal her crushed wrist before she can get to the necropolis, which means that she has to be late.

In the mean time, Jennifer calls the number of the ghoul who has been monitoring the necropolis that Alfred had given her. On the phone, the ghoul is incredibly suspicious of her and speaks with a very solemn, serious voice. When Jennifer tells him who he is speaking to, he asks her to describe herself before he is willing to give out any information. The ghoul gives her the location of a van of monitoring equipment that has been organised for the investigations.

The ghoul guides her around the van, which has screens to six infrared cameras placed around the necropolis, better listening devices and flares for emergencies. He tells Jennifer that she and Helena and Daria will be responsible for the equipment as of that night as the ghouls have other things that they have been instructed to attend to by the Knights. He says that there's the possibility of Lasombra being involved, therefore she should watch for secondary effects rather than primary effects on the screens, as the Lasombra don't show up in cameras. Before leaving, he asks Jennifer to show him accurately where she saw the monster and what happened, and asks her to show him her notes that she has been making.

Amidst her monitoring, Daria calls Jennifer and asks where she can meet her. When she arrives, Jennifer shows her around the equipment in the van and fills her in on the discoveries that they have made. When Jennifer asks Daria where she has been, Daria becomes flustered and begins to tell her where she has been, but then says that perhaps she should wait until Helena arrives so she only has to tell them what has happened once. Thinking of Helena, Daria asks Jennifer about Helena's behaviour while she has been away; she asks whether Helena has been speaking to herself, and proceeds to tell her about the incident with her in the cell that they had been locked in by the Prince and Knights.

While the girls are talking, Daria catches sight of a flicker in the on one of the screens out of the corner of her eye. When the girls investigate the location that the camera had been trained on, Daria discovers a symbol drawn into the ground that looks like three fingers of a hand had touched the ground and twisted in a sort of semi-circular pattern. Daria becomes excited as she says that she has seen the symbol before, although she does not mention where she has seen the symbol. However Jennifer is dubious; she thinks that is just a random handprint in the dirt.

When Helena arrives, Daria tells Helena what she has found, and Helena suggests that she take a photo of it. Jennifer confirms that there is a camera in the van, and Jennifer and Helena watch on the screen as the flash of the camera lights up around the grave despite the absence of Daria's reflection. Although the "symbol" just looks like a handprint to Helena as well, she figures that if Daria has seen it somewhere before, then it may be significant.

At some stage into their monitoring, Helena thinks to ask Daria and Jennifer whether they had told anyone about Vaughn's curiosity about the Gangrel's strange reaction to talk of the attack outside of the nightclub in Springvale at the Court after she had asked them not to while simultaneously examining their auras. Helena seems to see something in Daria's aura, as she asks her what she has told to whom. Daria becomes defensive and says that after the incident with the policeman she was made to be accountable to her clan, and says that she forgot that Helena had asked her not to say anything, but then questions her as to why Vaughn didn't want anyone to know. Helena assures her that Vaughn had said that he didn't mind them knowing and said that they could help with the investigations, so it obviously wasn't that big a problem.

The rest of the night's monitoring is fruitless, Jennifer leaves at around 4:00 and Daria drives Helena back to her hotel room in time for sunrise.

Saturday Night

All of the girls arrive late to their monitoring; Jennifer arrives after a party with her ghouls, Helena arrives later looking flushed and glowering and Daria arrives last looking stressed and wrung out. However the rest of the night of monitoring is once again uneventful.