The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Ten

Monday Night

At the beginning of Monday night, Daria heads out to the surveillance van. She finds Robert there, who tells her that there haven't been any developments since they last spoke. Robert spreads out a grid of the necropolis demarcating where the various incidents have occurred, and asks for Daria to double-check where all the signs and symbols were found.

Tuesday Night

Jennifer calls Robert who repeats the lack of news to her. While Jennifer is hanging out with Stuart in Clayton, Daniel visits bringing photos taken at one of their SCA feasts. Jennifer notices a picture of an unfamiliar woman with an arm around Jennifer's shoulders amongst the images.

Eventually Helena and Jennifer make their way to the van where Jennifer fills a shocked Helena in on what had happened with Jessica, Bradley and the Knights. Helena expresses disbelief and her fear of the Prince and Luke is reaffirmed. Daria tells Helena that she thinks that Alfred may have killed Jessica out of mercy, knowing that if Luke got his hands on her, he might have tortured her as an example to other vampires.

Alfred calls amidst their surveillance. He says that Valerie was found, and that the Gangrel are having a wake for Jessica at her haven, and are waiting for the girls to join them.

Out of the front of Jessica's house, a forlorn-looking Alfred meets the girls and tells them that Valerie and Frederick are inside feeding from Jessica's cats - something that the Gangrel do to consume Jessica's spirit, and keep it with them.

While they are waiting, Alfred tries to justify his actions. He expresses his regret, and says that killing Jessica was the best possible outcome to the situation - this way Luke couldn't get to her and torture her. What he did killed her quickly; this way there was no slow fires or sunlight.

Eventually the remaining Gangrel exit the house wiping blood from their faces without regarding Alfred and the girls. As Alfred douses the house in petrol and sets it alight, the Gangrel shift into wolf form and howl.

While Daria and Helena manage to not be overcome by the fire, Jennifer is standing closer to the house when it goes up, and a sudden panic attack causes her to lose consciousness.

Daria and Helena decide between themselves to take Jennifer back to her house. Stuart becomes distraught at the sight of Jennifer's unconscious body, and the girls try to reassure him that she will be okay, and that she probably should be put into bed to recover.

Having returned Jennifer home, Daria and Helena decide to head back to the surveillance van. When they arrive, Robert tells the girls that they are no longer needed in the surveillance, but has been told by Alfred that they are the primary group to contact should there be any new developments.

Later on, Helena gets a phone call from Jennifer. She asks Jennifer how she is feeling and Jennifer says that she's not too bad, but she actually called needing a favour. She says that it's difficult to explain and asks if she could possibly come out to her house to discuss it there. Helena agrees and says that she'll be over soon.

When Helena arrives, Jennifer shows her the photo of the woman with her arm around Jennifer's shoulders and asks Helena if she recognises the woman. Helena fails to recognise the woman. She tells Jennifer this and asks her why she wanted to know if Helena recognised her. In her aura, Helena can see paranoia, distress and tiredness. Looking distraught and confused, Jennifer says that she does not remember meeting her at the feast, but has seen the woman around her house. Having caught sight of her in a mirror, she heard her say "find me", but on looking around she was gone. Jennifer says that Alfred said that a Malkavian or Nosferatu might be able to do it, but they would have to be in the room. Regretting not being more helpful, Helena wishes her luck and heads back to her haven.

Meanwhile, Daria has decided to head back to the docklands, and has many adventures.