The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Thirteen

Sunday Night

Alfred finds himself at Jennifer's house, yet again having to bail the girls out of trouble that seemed so avoidable had they consulted with him before they went off on their own. He comes bearing Esky full of blood bags that he pours into Jennifer before removing her self-implanted stake.

Meanwhile Daria has been found by Alfred with the help of Jessamy in the necropolis, and has been staked and taken to the ominous building in the Western Suburbs for some familiar Ventrue "discussion". This time Jessamy is in on the dealings.

Helena awaits Jessamy at her haven.

Monday Night

Helena is lectured to by Jessamy on the perils of becoming involved in Malkavian delusions such as those that she has been exposed to by Daria.

Daria's adventures with the Knights continue and Jennifer runs around somewhere.

Tuesday Night

Jennifer has a heart-to-heart with her poor, confused Ghouls.

Daria feeds and asks Alfred if she is allowed to make a trip back to her farm in Shepparton.

Helena and Sophie have a shopping date; they peruse the shops of South Yarra and Toorak for dresses for Friday Night. They make their way to the bar in the Casino afterwards.

Wednesday Night

Jennifer's ghoul finds a new friend for Jennifer to talk to.

Daria finds some old files, and discovers that detectives from Melbourne are interested in a farmhouse in Shepparton.