The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Nineteen

Saturday Night Continued ...

Jennifer gives Daria a call on her mobile. Daria takes the metal pot off her head only long enough for her to scream "landline!" into her phone - the static in her head is really bad. Jennifer calls her back to talk more about the Necropolis. She asks about the police reports - she's interested in getting a copy of the reports sent to her. Daria says that they mainly went through paper reports, and that there could be a digital copy, and that she should call Alfred.

Jennifer calls Alfred. In particular she's interested in whether there have been any patterns in the reports? Alfred's ghouls are all looking for patterns in computers as they speak. She also asks whether they have access to coroner's reports? She's interested in finding out whether there may be an increase in cases of hypothermia, or suicides; things that may look naturally-occuring to mortals, but could possibly be attributed to vampires, if you knew what you were looking for. Alfred considers this and says that she has a good point. (He arranges for her to get access to coroner's reports) and for Rob to send her electronic copies of the police reports.

A sudden thought occurs to him - prostitutes. He taks to Rob a call and confirms a suspicion; there haven't been police reports regarding prostitution coming in. He arranges for someone to look into this.

Sunday Night - Night of the Offer

Daria is given access to the library in which the Lasombra keep their records and histories that they have gathered over the centuries.

Among the texts she finds references to cults, to burning crucifixes, reports of towns being put to the sword etc. She finds reports that Cults "caused the plague", and they seem to be "always demon involved". There are references to hero worship of Cain, as well as references to vampires being descended from Cain. There are references to things called the Angels of Cain.

There are reports of carvings like those in the necropolis being common in Eastern European cemetries.

Then there is information about Serpent Daughters. The texts refer to them as being a cult, perhaps derived from a single bloodline, being Egyptian primarily. There is evidence of them recruiting - they are considered basically socially acceptable and as being little more than tricksters. They were considered infidels. (However the western European Clans are very insuler, so the reports may be tainted on this basis).

There isn't much about demons - it is possible that reports of demons involve very powerful vampires. It is also possible that very powerful vampires are not vampires anymore, perhaps they've taken on the status of demons. This is reminiscent of what's being revealed about the Marauder.

Later Daria has a meeting with Reuben.

Jennifer and Daria catch up later on. Jennifer tells her that while talking to Heresy, Heresy let slip "I'm not working with them...", meaning that she's not working with the Cults. She also said that Heresy is unsure what the Dancers want, perhaps to stir up chaos?

Daria is still wanting to kill Sladek to stop the Dancers - the problem is that the Dancers seem to be interfering with the Cults, and are stopping them from coming through. Anyway, Daria is still interested in acquiring a sword and with getting lessons from Jennifer's friends about fighting with a sword. Jennifer says that she will see what she can do.

Meanwhile Helena gives Daria a call and tells her that she made her way down to a residence of the Serpent Daughters. She tells her about the building and the impressions that she gleaned from the door - she says that she'd got an impression of Rita walking in smirking with Jackie behind anticipating, and at a differnt time - Heresy and Kieran striding in boldly, followed by a group of mortals. Helena says that she thinks it's kind of suspicious, and Daria suggests that she tells Alfred about it.

Daria gives Reuben a call and apologies for some unwarranted comments - apparently Reuben was once on "the other side", but has since abandoned that part of his past.

Later on Daria gives Helena and Jennifer a call and says that although it is just before sunrise, she needs the girls to meet her right now to talk.

The girls gather at Daria's. She tells them that the Cults have made contact with her; they have made an offer to the Knights of a formalised duel one month from now, however whatever their response, they will route them all out regardlessly. They have a month to prepare for the invasion as of that night. She says that she has been made the formal messenger between the two groups.

Helena asks why if they intend to kill everyone anyway, why are they formalising it? Daria says that that's just the way they are - they do things in a ritualised, traditional manner.

Understandably Daria is frantic. She's interested in getting hold of weaponry through Jennifer's ghouls as well as getting fighting training from them. Jennifer manages to work something out for her.

Helena gives Jessamy a call to discuss the events and the intentions of the Knights.