The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Twenty

Monday Night - Day 28

Growing ever more frantic by the encroaching Cult invasion of Melbourne, Daria secures sword-fighting lessons with Jennifer's ghouls on Tuesday nights. However the lessons come at a cost - Jennifer charges Daria $150 an hour for the privilege. With the deal settled, Daria returns home to organise her finances for the lessons.

4:00am - Jennifer calls Daria with queries about the Cults. Daria says the message she received was specifically directed to the Knights. The message is an for the Knights to fight the best in single, honorable combat before the war begins. However their intention is that all are to die regardlessly. Daria alludes to the possibility that the elders have swapped sides over the centuries.

Tuesday Night - Day 27

Jennifer has had her ghouls looking through police reports etc to try and find more information. She finds them still searching when she checks in with them on Tuesday night.

Laden with blood-bags, Daria heads to Jennifer's place for her first sword fighting lesson. Understandably, Jennifer's ghouls are quite distressed about fighting Daria, having seen her attack their precious Jennifer and feed from her while frenzying recently. Jennifer assures Daria that she has told her ghouls that they aren't allowed to attack her; the recent incident wasn't entirely Daria's fault. Reluctantly the lesson proceeds, with Jennifer on looking.

Later in the night Daria returns to the place of the confrontation, searching for more information, yet the journey is fruitless.

Wednesday Night - Day 26

Helena gives Alfred a call to check in with his investigations. Speeding Cameras close to the Necropolis caught photos of two speeding cars with broken windows, being driven by adults.

Jennifer decides to go out looking for Brin.

Meanwhile Daria prepares to deliver the Prince's response the Cults' offer. Armed with a sword and a gun, she's hussled into a van containing all of the Knights, Rob and a team of snipers, at which time she's solemnly handed a note with the Prince's symbol emblazoned on the front. In the background, Rob is busy coordinating two teams around the warehouse meeting location and organizing surveillance equipment.

The van pulls up at the warehouse and Daria makes her way onto the top of the building. The sound of huge wings thumping fills the air and a man shaped being with huge bat-like wings composed of shadow lands on the roof. His wings ripple, fold and vanish into shadows. His face is shrouded with a hessian sack with two cut-out eye holes. When he speaks, his voice is different to the voice of the previous messenger.

The vampire makes it clear that the following month is a holy month, because they are going to war. He asks for the Prince's answer and Daria shakily hands him the note.

Despite the Knights' best attempts at stealth, the vampire immediately senses the Knights' transgressions.

"You didn't come alone and you came armed. We will remember.", the vampire growls.

"What did you expect?" Daria retorts.

The vampire/creature takes flight, quickly becoming indecipherable in the dark sky.

Daria heads back to the van, and encounters a snarling Luke. "You should have kept him talking for longer."

"It knew you were here," Daria states bluntly.

"You must have given us away then," he replies coolly. "You can go now".

Pissed off, Daria heads off in her own direction.

Meanwhile, Jennifer wanders through the city, trying to find Brin. She eventually finds him hiding in a dumpster. Jennifer wants more information about the dancers.

Brin tells her that to destroy the Lord of the Dance, it is necessary to kill his physical body, and then to destroy his gateway, Sladek, into this reality. He says that the Lord of the Dance is always at the centre of the Dance.

Daria and Helena meet up and head to the Necropolis to search for more information, but their journey proves unfruitful.