The City of the Dead

Ken's Vampire Game

Session Twenty One

Wednesday Night Continued - Day 26

Under Jessamy's suggestion, Helena packs up many of her belongings and moves into the Toreador residence in the Casino. Jessamy is intent on keeping all of his clan close by.

Thursday Night - Day 25

Daria practices her sword-work in a park nearby her apartment. She has lots of bottled blood close at hand, which she frequently drinks from between her practice. She's still plagued with a constant rustling in her head, and by visions of "Dancer symbols" that only she can see.

Helena calls Alfred amidst Daria's practice, offering help. He tells her that everything is under control, and warns her to keep safe. Helena also informs Alfred that she is moving.

Helena gives Daria a call to see if she's managed to get the rustling under control. Understandably Daria is tense and restless over the phone. Despite her troubles, Daria's interested in heading out to the Docklands with Helena again.

Jennifer moves through the city, practicing the extent of her Presence. To her surprise, the side of a nearby skyscraper starts surging with shadows. The shadows leap from the building surface and twist. Daria is suddenly gripping Jennifer's arm. Jennifer screams. Guiltily, Daria tries to pull Jennifer into a run.

"Quick! Let's get away!"

Jennifer is still screaming in panic; she's still not sure it's Daria. Daria, the stronger of the two girls, manages to drag Jennifer away.

Daria tries to reassure Jennifer. "You were calling me!"

"What?" Replies a perplexed Jennifer.

"You were calling me from the other side of the city."

Jennifer explains that the situation was her fault; she was trying out Summonsing, a power that Ginger possessed. She thinks it may be useful for locating Brin should they want to speak to him again.

Daria's not entirely comfortable with the situation. She tells Jennifer she was making Dancer noises while using her power over her. Curious about what will happen if they try again, Jennifer tells Daria to go away a second time.

Jennifer uses her power again. Suddenly Daria's head is filled with the rhythmic sound of a tap dripping. Dancer marks are splayed all up the wall in front of her. She senses Jennifer calling. Daria's hands are itching, and her jaw becomes slack. She gets an idea as to which way to go; a pressure in her head indicates the direction.

Daria's distressed when she reaches Jennifer, she immediately commands her never to use her power on her like that again; it made her symptoms worse.

However when Jennifer tries to respond, but her words aren't decipherable to Daria; her speech comes out warped and twisted, like a record being played at a very low speed. She starts twisting and convulsing, captured by the Dance. The static in her head is very loud, grating. Syllables begin to emerge through the noise, growing in clarity. Someone or something is speaking her name.

Jennifer tries to get Daria to communicate with her, to explain what's happening. Daria's behaviour is still erratic, and while trying to get a grip of her mind, Daria tells Jennifer that everything's okay, and not to worry about her. Jennifer suggests they head back to her car.

Jennifer, who has Daria with her, calls Alfred, who wants to know if he has tracked Brin down. Alfred says by the time they got to the dumpster, he was already gone. Jennifer points out that she may have found Brin because he wanted to be found. Jennifer also tells Alfred about her new power. Alfred says he's seen Jessamy do that. Jennifer raises the possibility of using Summonsing on the Cults - perhaps it can be used to bring a whole lot of them to the Knights ...

By this stage, Daria is very low on blood, so Jennifer takes her to find food. When they have chosen a vessel. Daria has to use extra control to pull herself together to prevent her from draining the mortal dry.