Exalted by the Moon

Chosen of the Moon

Long ago, on an island far to the west there lived a beautiful woman-child named Ohana.

Every day Ohana would play in the waves, and her nets were always filled with fish. The elders said that surely she was blessed by the spirits of the sea. Even the strange missionary from the red empress would smile when danced for the sea.

On the year of her womanhood there was much talk of which of the young warriors would win her as bride. But before her courtship contests could begin the tribe's shaman received a dire omen of the darkest nature, Ohana could bear no children.

Shunned by her tribe for fear of bad luck, and cut to the heart at being unable to truly be a woman Ohana left her village to mingle her blood and tears with the sea she loved.

It was the night of the waxing half moon when she would have been having her ceremony of womanhood. Ohana cut her wrists and cupped her hands to catch her tears and screamed, "Luna! Bringer of change, if you will not make this child a woman then I shall give over this life to your servant the sea!"

As Ohana hit the water she felt power like she had never imagined wash over her: The crash of the waves; the roar of the bull seal; the song of the whale; the rip of the shark's teeth; and the crush of the Orca's skull. The Voice of Luna: "DONE!"

She became all: One with the beasts, yet with the will to control; Beyond human, yet a woman to her core; A creature of the Wyld, yet a defender of the world; Dominator and Devourer, yet loyal mate; Child of the Full Moon, she was Exalted by Luna.

The woman-child Ohana was gone. Kiss of the Wave's Red Maw swam to the shore.