Delta Green
Agent George S. Burnside
Field Operative, Co-ordination and Resourcing

Affiliation: D-cell
Agency Affiliation: Classified (CIA?, Office of President?, Secret Service?)
Personal Data - Need-to-Know only
Height: 5' 11"                 Weight: about 65 kg
Age: mid 30's

Agent Burnside specialises in the co-ordination and resourcing of field operations. He has a range of financial and informational resources available to him. He is also trained in obtaining further information via the long-term management of non-agency personel. Finally, he has a range of skills to undertake the initial field analysis of data, especially in the areas of military and political sciences.

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   Operations Reports
   Operation PAVINGSTONE - Initial Analysis
   Operation PAVINGSTONE - Personnel Report
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   Agent Field
   Agent Muller (inactive)
   D-cell personnel
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"He's from somewhere in New England, if you can go by his accent. Wouldn't be surprised if he was from one of those rich old Boston families. Well-dressed, well-educated and well-spoken isn't just the start of it. The guy thinks he's born to rule. He walks into a room and immediately begins to tell everyone what to do. Mind you, he does seem to know what he's on about."

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