As we rejoin our intrepid heroes they are separated by some distance.
Agent Davis hums along to the radio as he drives to the small town of Garrison.
Schuster is in the Lab examining the experimental rats while Sykes looks over the dessicated body of Macalleth.
Mahone lies in a small pool of warm spittle next to a half empty vodka bottle in his room.
The Doctors from the CDC are wandering around looking tense.
Meanwhile, Special Agent Muller has headed down to "Big Joe Hannan's Truck Emporium" to enquire about the financial details of the purchase of Macalleth's Truck.

Finding Mr. Hannan to be a rather helpful, if somewhat imposing looking man, Muller discovers that Macalleth paid for his rig in 3 years, an unusually short period of time, however not inconcievable considering the amount of time he seemed to have spent on the road.
He always paid in cash which he kept in an unmarked envelope and never took a reciept.

Back at the lab...
Much to the general chagrin of the CDC doctors Agent Sykes mixes the oily residue and the black powder that remained from the worms and warms them in a glove box.
Schuster sends samples from the body and from the truck off for DNA testing to determine if the substances have any Mutagenic properties. It is decided that since this will take 4 weeks minimum to come back a test similar to those done in Paternity Suits could be used as a quick and dirty preliminary test on the off chance that something shows up.

Mahone cleans himself up and meets up with Muller. They look into the members of the Sons of Freedom who have a criminal record. Mahone suggests that they might concentrate on those members who are currently out on Parole and therefore checking in regularly with their parole officers.
There are four members on parole, three of whom check in regularly. The CDC organise for the State Police to bring in the men as soon as they hear about the idea from Muller and Mahone.
While this is occuring the results from the check on the bullets found in Macalleth's truck come in. The bullets were manufactured at the Eagle Arms Corporation, a small family business located in Montana. The bullets appear to be a standard shipment of 110 grain 9mmm Parabellum rounds.
A little further investigation reveals that Eagle Arms manufactures pistol ammunition for gun clubs and some local police departments in the midwest. Their Tax records are requested.

Muller decides it would be a good idea to visit the printing operation that prints the Sons of Freedom newsletter, a small operation in a Seattle suburb called Goliath Press. According to the newsletter the editor is one "Millenium Man" who lives at "Millenium Lodge". Mahone accompanies Muller to Goliath press where they meet James Petrofski, the owner, who watches, slightly bemused, as the two argue. "Muller, shut the fuck up!"
Slightly worried about the possibilty of "A disease!?!" he tries to give them the "Mobilly" number for Millenium Man and unfortunately after a quick search out back he can't find it. Muller takes this opportunity to have a few select words with Mahone however.
Muller: "I'd like some co-operation in front of witnesses." Mahone: "So would I, fucker!"

Meanwhile in Garrison...
Davis arrives and checks into the Sea Harvest Inn. After asking about places of interest he walks up to Grisom point and surveys the local area with the aid of the coin operated binoculars there. It is at this point that he observes a large ocean going Yacht called the "Osprey V" arriving at the docks. It is from New Haven, Canada.
After a rather invigorating walk Davis returns to the Sea Harvest to an absolutely delightful Shrimp dinner. After which he retires to his room to transcribe his recorded interviews and to sleep.

Muller phones, Davis mumbles something and goes back to sleep...

Muller phones, Davis mumbles something and goes back to sleep...

Muller phones. "You've reached Agent Davis' voicemail. I'm out investigating an important case right now. I'll get back to you as soon as possible... *BEEP*".

Upon examination of its contents Schuster discovers that Macalleth hadn't been using his chemical toilet for some time.

Mahone calls Petrofski and inquires about the identity of the Millenium Man. His name is given as one Micheal Jansen. A thin man mith mousey brown hair and no visible distinguishing marks.
Micheal Jansen.
2811 SkyDevil Road.
Silver County. (120 miles east of Seattle)
He drives a green Ford Bronco.

Muller requests any information that the BATF has on the town of Garrison.

The beginning of an disturbing, emerging pattern in Schuster's behaviour is seen as she feeds Cocaine to the Lab rats.

Davis finishes his shrimp, and after making transcripts of his interviews, goes to bed.

Muller and Mahone discuss torture methodology as the paroled members of the sons of freedom are brought in for questioning.
Putting on an enviro-suit, Muller "interogates" the guy who had committed fraud (one Sam O'Lawski) by doing his best Darth Vader impression.
Mr. O'Lawski isn't particularly impressed or intimidated, nor is Muller particularly patient, so they scream at each other for a while...

Muller drags in the Rapist next.
A 6'2" Blue eyed, blonde haired man with the unlikely name of Billy Butts (since background checks indicate he has never starred in a porn movie).
Mr. Butts is far more co-operative, maily because Muller scares the ever lovin' shit out of him...
He spills forth everything that he knows about the sons of freedom, the two most important details being:
- He knew "Big Mac", and last saw him about 3 months ago.
- A Simon Pateras organises ocasional meetings.

Further checking indicates that Mr. Pateras is a resident of Washington State. He holds a licence for 26 firearms (16 of which are semi or fully automatic)
He is the owner manager of "Simon's Wilderness warehouse" In Rork (Rourke?), approximately an hours drive away.
He has the following vehgicles registered to him:
Cadillac Seville
Jeep Grand Cheroke
'54 Oldsmobile
Suzuki Trail Bike
Yamaha Snowmobile

*** The next morning ***

7 am.
Davis exercises.
Muller is having his 2nd cup of coffee.
Schuster is in the lab.
Mahone is asleep.
Sykes is also asleep.

A little later. Sykes has joined Schuster in the Lab, and they have started to get some results:
The goo melts (at about 80 degrees C)
It doesn't mix with cocaine particularly well.
Sykes manages to make a "toffee rat" by dipping it in the molten goo.
The rats previously injected with said goo are doing fine (after 72 hrs. probable time of 15 days for full effects?)

Davis has a delightful continental breakfast (with an extra round of toast).

Muller and Mahone ask the CDC to bring in Pateras and Jansen's.
The state police, the National Guard, and the CDC raid Micheal Jansen's.
Sykes recieves voicemail from a Dr. Gregory of the CDC informing her that he is assisting the State Police on a raid on Jansen's place.
Sykes phones Davis: "They've been doing _forced entry_..."
People start phoning Davis to find out what is going on.
Davis starts phoning people to find out what is going on.
He yells at Muller for conducting raids without informing the Agent in charge of the investigation.
Meanwhile, the biological goo escapes...
The goo is all gone (reacted with atmosphere?).
It leaves the dessicated/burned tissue of the corpse. Tests on the blood of goopy rats reveals no goo. No goo on the toffee rat. Some scorched cocaine. The burns on the corpse are similar to an acid burn (The same effect could be gained by exposing a body to pure oxygen for several months).
Sykes and Davis have a conversation on the phone:
"Either you lost it or some one stole it, which is it?"
Sykes hangs up on Davis after telling him to "go fuck yourself!"

Davis talks to the local state police. A nice policeman shows him where "Big Mac" used to park his truck on Grisom Point.

Mahone and Muller go to Simon's Wilderness Warehouse.

The CDC guys arrive.

Sykes smokes. A lot.

Muller and Mahone get ready to kick some ass...

They arrive at the warehouse at 10 am in a black Ford Taurus.
They look all black and MIBy.
It looks very army desposalish.
Tents, camping gear, BBQs, guns, ammo, and fishing gear line the walls andd shelves. A 4x4 sits imposingly in the middle of the store. A large sign "Survive the Y2K bug" hangs from the roof, waving slowing in the air conditioned breeze, directly above a pile of cartons containing MREs. The place is full of Sales Reps, packing clerks, and about 3 dozen customers.
Pateras is out at the bank.
Muller looks at the guns while Mahone waits in the office, driking coffee. Pateras gets back eventually (all 6'5" and 250 lbs of him), he is not a happy chap.
They agree to meet at 4pm with his lawyers present.
- FADE -

All things Biological...

The CDC get back.
They run blood tests on the Jansens. The top CDC doctors question Sykes and Schuster. Sykes shows them around the lab. The CDC guys do not cope well. One tries to tear his suit off. Schuster is directed to buy a heap of frying pans and extension cord.
Schuster wants to video tape the rats dissolving. The CDC would like to euthenase them and keep them as samples. They open a rat. It looks normal. Schuster stabs a rat to death.
They prussic acid the joint.
- FADE -

On the hard shoulder...

The Sheriff shows Davis where he parked. Davis finds out that he used to eat at Louie's, and would spend the night with a woman.
Davis enquires about the boat, gets frustrated, talks to the deckhand. Finds out that the boat belongs to a Mr. Rosenthal.
Davis goes fishing.
Asks at Louie's grill and the Victory Motel, no-one seems to know "Big Mac"
Davis wanders.
Davis goes fishing.
Davis eats shrimp for dinner.
- FADE -

Muller and Mahone talk to Jansen. He lies, telling them he doesn't know too much about Peteras or "Big Mac".
"He's from the *Ahem* BATF."
Jansen asks for his lawyer.

Davis goes fishing again, he walks the other direction along the coast this time. He comes across an area with a whole heap of rock pools. The rock pools are full of the black wormy things...