Fuck! I am missing a page of notes at this point. It has blue ruled lines with a red ruled margin on the left. The pad is spiral bound at the top of the page (A4) with a small perforated line about 1 cm below the spiral bindings. The perforations obviously don't do their job beacuse they didn't tear off. I suspect that this pad belonged to Benj or Gab, maybe Rob or Konrad. It certainly isn't mine or Ken's
When we rejoin the group, Muller is in questioning someone called Mollet. He is probably one of the four Sons of freedom on parole at the moment, for some reason Muller is upset at him. Sykes is also in the interview room. Davis has apparently just gotten hold of either Sykes or Schuster and told them of his dicovery, possibly giving them re4ason to think either Muller or Mollet is infected.

The CDC arrive. Sykes leaves the interview room. Schuster locks Muller in quarantine. Muller fumes.
Muller: "I can't do anything right!"
Muller proceeds to beat up Mollet in front of the observation window.

Sykes phones the IRR with Davis' news. The IRR are all busy watching Muller beat up Mollet.
Doctors move in to try and sedate Muller. There is a flurry of activity, and so begins "The battle of iso ward 1". After much fumbling with a syringe Muller is stabbed but not injected. Mollet and one Dr are thrown across the room. The other doctor kicks Muller. Mollet runs away past a cop. The cop points his gun at Muller and tells him to drop to the ground (several times), Muller doesn't so the cop shoots him.
Sykes and Schuster tend to him, and after much insistance all round he is patched up, sedated, and allowed to travel to Garrison on the chopper with everyone else.

Damn! More missing notes, presumably from the same set. Davis at this point has gathered photographic equipment to take snaps of the worms and told the nice policeman that there is dangerous goop in the water, and that the EPA and CDC have been called in. He goes back to photo the water and meets two annoying little kids playing in the rock pools. I want to shoot them for the cultist little bastards that they are, Davis just thinks they're annoying little kids who are too stupid for their own good.
He tells their mother to take them home since it is dangerous, she refuses to listen until he brandishes his gun and she runs away. He follows her to her house and meets her father-in-law. He explains the situation and is disturbed to find they have a jar of the worms in their kitchen (they apparently make excellent bait). The others arrive. The set up stuff. Davis shows them what he has found.

I have notes for this section, but Ken wrote them and his handwriting is fucking appalling... will add them as soon as he translates them

It is discovered that the deckhand's name is Adam Piper. He is 36 and owns a Ford Pick-up, license plate PLQ-554. He lives with his in-laws and assorted family in a large house on the point, the same house that Davis had encountered the jar of worms in the Kitchen.

Mahone sets up the Sattelite phone and assists the CDC with their preparations.
Meanwhile Davis, Sykes, and Schuster head down the path to the rock pools. The number of worms present is officially listed as "shit tins"...
While they're down there Sykes turns a funny colour and starts babbling:
"A little girl, a good girl. It's been a long time since my birthday or Christmas, but mummy buys me presents, or her friend Alfred. He's nice and gives me presents.
Mummy might give me a present today, because I've been a good girl, but she's in a big person's shop and I'm staying next to the perfume.
Then a horrible old woman comes along, she grabs my arm. She's hurting my arm. She drags me away calling me ?insert name here?. I'm screaming and crying but she wont let go. She keeps smacking me on my legs, saying I'm a bad girl.
Mummy and a policeman finally drag me away from her, but I can't help it, I've wet my panties. I feel so ashamed."

Muller and the State Policeman head up to the house. They politely decline offers of tea or coffee and begin their enquiries. They ask about the slugs and are told that they make excellent bait. The slugs have been there since the old man was a child.
Cursory examination of the house shows that it is old, there are lots of pictures on thew walls, they are of boats, fish, family gatherings etc.
A strong smell of fish pervades the house. There is a pair of boots, some wet oilskins and some fish scales in the room they are in.
6 Adults live in the house, 4 are fishermen and the other 2 work at the co-op. Fred Piper is the old man, his daughter Marie Knight is the woman Davis chased back to the house. She is married to Fred Knight.
Muller enquires as to whether "big Mac" is a friend of the family. Both Fred Piper and Fred Knight respond "not really". At this point Marie excuses herself to go and make coffee. Muller tries to follow Marie into the kitchen. Fred Knight blocks his path. Piper meanwhile gets out a jar of the worms. The worms attempt to move towards the light, confined as they are in the jar. The old man takes the lid off and Muller tells him to put it back on. This exchange becomes very heated and Muller draws his gun shouting at Piper to put the lid back on. The worms at this point jump out all over the floor and table. Muller runs through the kitchen to get out of the house and discoveres a huge pile of fish guts on the kitchen floor. Worms are crawling through them. Muller bursts out into the backyard and sees slugs under the tree out the front. Muller runs over to Davis, Sykes and Schuster who have come back up the path from the rockpools. "There's something in the house controlling the slugs..."