Garrison has become a media circus.
Muller, having been pulled out of mucho rubble just lies there and bleeds alot.
Schuster conducts media interviews:
"We had leads that lead us..."
"Followed the Sons of freedom lead..."
They have a photo of Pateras, Knight, and a bunch of other Sons of freedom.
"Large supply of weapons..."
"Occupants escaped through tunnels..."
"They were members of the sons of freedom, shooting at us"

The Knights are placed at #2 on the FBI's most wanted list.

Davis, Sykes, and Mahone are flown back to the US. They arrive at Washington late evening and are transported to the FBI infirmary at Quantico, Virginia.
Muller is in hospital in Seattle.

Reports come in that a mollusc local to the Garrison area (a variety of Pacific sea worm) has been killed off (possibly by pollution).
A writ is served against Muller, for all sorts of horrible breaches of civil rights, by Pateras.
The media trashes the actions of the fedral agents.
Davis, Sykes, and Mahone are apparently dead. The President is to speak at their funeral.

4 members of the CDC (out of 12)
3 State Police (out of 6)
and 10 SWAT team members (out of 15) survived the incident at Garrison.

"No bombings. Davis in hospital. Coincidence? Maybe..."

Davis, Sykes and Mahone and in a private hospital with fairly heavy security. Muller and Schuster come to visit them.
Much paranoia is exhibited by all concerned...
Sykes thinks she hears a scream. No one else heard anything.
There is a scream. Muller goes to investigate and is hit in the head. Sykes sees Muller attacked by Pampas grass and smashes a window. Schuster starts yelling. Muller finds a camera tripod and sees a Red Dodge Van speeding away.
Unable to recall seeing the license plate number Muller asks Davis to hypnotise him. Davis asks for Muller's keys so he can do so. Davis hypnotises Muller (Muller having forgot to tell him what he wanted to be hypnotised for) and implants the suggestion that Muller has lost his keys. Muller snaps out of it. Davis suggests he might have lost his keys in the Pampas grass. While Muller is looking for his keys Davis grabs Sykes and Mahone and they "escape" from the facility in Muller's car.
An ATM eats Davis' card. Muller and Schuster notice their absence and begin pursuit, putting an APB out on Mullers car. The police stop Davis and company. Sykes runs away, laughing at the piping music coming out of her head. Davis tries to run and is shot. He is taken to hospital along with Mahone. Schuster and Muller arrive at the hospital just in time to put a real crimp in Davis' escape. Sykes is at a TV studio conducting a live interview, telling the viewers at home about the wonders of Azathoth and how you too can have lilting piping music coming out of your head too...
Davis is caught in traffic.
Muller makes it to the TV studio, he bursts in and shoots Sykes in the stomach. She desperately crawls away, pleading for him not to kill her. He sees worms flow forth from her mouth - no one else does - and shoots her through the face and he stands over her - all live on TV. He steps to one side and a crew member drops a stage light on him, knocking him out cold...