6 Months have passed and it is now May 1999...

Davis and Mahone are on the West Coast.
Schuster is back at Quantico, investigating the Green River murders (they had been quiet for 13 years, the suspects in '84 are in prison or dead)
The Green river police are regarded as the best in the world at scene of crime investigation.

A recap of what has transpired in the preceding months:

Muller was arrested in Seattle, charged with 1 count of first degree murder, and 1 count of attempted murder.
The TV station crew member is awarded a citation by the commisioner of Seattle for his actions leading to the capture of Muller.
The TV station is being sued for showing a live murder.
The TV station is suing the BATF.
Muller has been stripped of rank and is currently residing in Levenworth, Texas. He is considered sane, but dangerous.
Muller is faking insanity. Public opinion polls indicate they think he deserves the death penalty.

Davis, Schuster and Mahone have been called in to testify:
"What is your opinion of Muller's Mental State?"
Davis: "Um, to the best of my knowledge Agent Muller is sane and rational. He is a good and committed agent but has a tendency to be over-zealous at times."
"Can you recall the events leading up to the murder?"
Mahone: "Not with any great degree of accuracy. Agent Muller was acting strangely under a stressful situation. However Agent Muller always struck me as having a somewhat tenuous grip on reality. This combined with his agression towards everything and the stressful situation caused him to go temporarily insane, In my opinion."
"Do you believe that Agent Muller was in control of his actions?"
Schuster: "I believe that Agent Muller was in a highly agitated state and was subject to a mental breakdown at the time, he was in control of his actions as far as a madman is ever in control of his actions"
Davis further testifies that Muller was hit in the head and that it affected his memory.

Pateras is found to be in possesion of over 400 weapons, including Surface to Air missiles, and is arrested.

Davis spends 3 months in hospital in LA and is awarded a Presidential Service Medal for his Leadership of the investigation into the Sons of Freedom.
Schuster takes 5 days holiday in Santa Monica and returns to work soon after.
Mahone takes 2 weeks worth of R&R
The CDC are recruiting - sign up now!
The month long media frenzy linked with sickness in Garrison (water supply contaminated due to overpopulated camp sites)
A tele-movie based around the Events at Garrison is released:
The producers, orginally hoping to get Arnie to play Davis, were forced to settle for Jean-Claude Van-Damme. Kirstie Alley portrayed the role of Schuster, while Malcolm MacDowell worked out and buffed up a little to play the role of Muller.
The charges of assault connected to the incident at Seattle General hospital were dropped in light of the other charges against Muller.
Davis was contacted via e-mail by members of a group called poilce watch who have set themselves up as a support group for law enforcement officers who have had experiences with the arcane