Delta Green: Eyes Only - Operation Pavingstone

Initial Evaluation Report - Genetech Starfish

Distribution: P & D cells as well as other appropriate DG personnel

To be vetted by D-cell leader
(remove section 10 before making available to P-cell)

I will soon be arriving to join investigation. In the meantime I have prepared a briefing paper. Correct any errors and fill in grey areas as need be upon my arrival.


1 The 'starfish' -
Roughly thirty centimeters across. Has the rough appearance of a starfish with six club-like hooved feet and numerous tentacles. Thought to have been produced by Genetech via the hybridisation of unknown EBE material with unknown terran life-form. Removed from Genetech facilities by Peter Tate and sent to Robert Jatak who contacted government personnel with (unknown to him) DG associations. Secured by P-cell and now under investigation at <Location Information Redacted>. Biopsy material has proved hard to examine due to its fast decay rate.
1A Suggested course of action - Investigate further and destroy.

2 Tate, Peter -
Genetech employee. 34 years old. Father died while young. Raised by elder brother, Edward. The brother is a very successful lawyer and a homosexual. Peter is a talented and well-paid biochemist employed till recently by Genetech. No apparent social life except very active and well-documented sex life. Resigned from Genetech on the day he removed the 'starfish'. Purchased farm in Squamish County. Currently missing, possibly dead.
2A Suggested course of action - Locating Tate has a high priority. Construct outline of known activities over the last month, especially the week before disappearance. Provide personality profile to evaluate likely location and possible level of DG-friendliness. Profile sexual activity to find possible recent increase indicating possible GM cause (see Armbruster).

2.1 Tate Apartment -
Extensive pornography collection including home video of sexual activity. More than two hundred different partners have been differentiated. Extensive print out of newsgroups. Clippings of swingers ads. Copies of books written by Robert Jatak. Computer and files.
2.1A - Find out if apartment is being watched or is bugged. Compare photos of sexual partners with Genetech staff and police records. Same for and swingers ads. Examine Jatak books for marginalia. Examine computer for evidence of tampering as well as remaining data. Interview P-cell personnel regarding initial search of premises and contact with neighbours.

2.2 Edward Tate -
Successful lawyer living with homosexual partner. Brother to Peter Tate.
2.2A - Find out if Edward is being watched or bugged. Find out DG-friendliness and possible weak spots. Interview with regard to Peter Tate.

2.3. Peter Tate's car -
Found abandoned in a cliff-top. Defaced by scratches apparently made by table-forks. Inside it were a wallet, 30 VHS tapes, two sets of keys (one for the house, one for the farm), a note to take various gear to the farm, a business card for a Real Estate Agent and a Tarot Card 'Hanged Man'. Also, not located by the police, P. Tate's journal. Inside it reveals he has been suspicious of Genetech for about six months due to his girlfriend, Jennifer Armbruster, suddenly gaining an extra foot and a half in height and undergoing behavioural changes. Also, journal describes Golt, from whom Tate purchased the farm in Squamish County.
2.3A - Find out if the surrounding area has been thoroughly searched for Tate (alive or dead). If not, make sure this is done by appropriate personnel. Find out if the scratches are made by table-forks. Investigate a possible link to 'ghouls'. Obtain records of transactions on cards. Retain Genetech ID card for possible future use. Locate cliff-top relative to farm and house. Was it close to any sewers? Check if gear for farm had been purchased. Check video tapes are blank. Interview P-cell regarding their dealings with Real Estate Agent. Read Tate journal. Determine attitude and relationship to Golt. Determine the exact nature of the personality changes in Armbruster. Determine why Tate linked these to Genetech. Use journal to further profile Peter Tate.

2.4 Tate's Farm, Squamish County -
Sold (?) to P. Tate by Golt. Agent, A. North, organising the deal has not been located due to false address. When P-cell went to farm they were attacked by 'animated corpse' as well as numerous apparently sentient plants. These were all (?) destroyed by a DG hit squad using sarin gas and flame-throwers.
2.4A - Try to determine actual nature of the transfer of the farm. Search for A. North. Determine if 'animated corpse' was animated by plant inside it like other corpses of animals. Determine whose corpse it was. Read DG hit squad report for further verification. Find out if any plant material been collected and examined.

3 Armbruster, Jennifer -
Girlfriend of Peter Tate. Competent scientist working for Genetech. An amateur weight lifter until suddenly withdrew from competition 9 months ago. According to Tate underwent unnatural growth (1 and foot) and changes in personality over the last six months.
3A - Locate and find out if followed or bugged. Interview. Examine financial and other records for possible information on changes in behaviour. Examine home. If can't locate, contact friends, weight-lifting colleagues and interview them.

4 Golt -
Ex-researcher at Genetech, left three year ago. Apparently sold his farm to Tate. Has the manner of a "mad scientist". Believes that he is being sought by the 'sewer people' whom he describes as "blind albinos who eat little girls and blind little boys". These may possibly be 'ghouls'. Golt says he is trying to fashion a weapon against the sewer people. It is to be a frankensteinian monster created from various animals and it is to seek out the sewer people and eat them.
4A - The 'coincidence' that both Golt and Tate worked for Genetech seems unlikely. Find out if Golt followed or bugged. Interview P-cell regarding their talk with Golt. Search records with regard to Golt, especially his leaving Genetech and activities since then.

4.1 'Ghouls' -
The description Golt gives of 'sewer people' fits with that of 'ghouls' or 'deros'. These are a cult (?) worshipping Modijien (?) by the eating of human flesh (?). While Golt is deranged this may be a worthwhile avenue to pursue anyway.

<Section Redacted: Refer queries regarding "Penangalan" (qv) "Werewolves", "Ghouls", "Dero(s)" (qv), "Hubbards" (qv) and similar entities through channels for reference of cell leader HARKER.
Treat all contacts as NON-HOSTILE:
Apply CRASH / MOSCOW / ANTIC tradecrafts.
All contacts with TRADITIONALIST entities are to be treated as NON-HOSTILE:
Apply CRASH / MOSCOW / ANTIC /TRAFALGAR tradecrafts:
once ID is confirmed contact may be treated as NEUTRAL:
Maintain MOSCOW / TRAFALGAR / CRASH readiness>


5 Jatak, Robert -
a wealthy, self-made ex-advertising executive. Diagnosed with lung cancer fifteen years ago. Abandoned career and became a shepherd in the mountains of Nevada. Claims to have cured himself. Has written two books "A Task Received" and "Hard Lessons", both with an environmentalist message. The predictions made in the books have proved accurate. A charismatic speaker, popular as an interviewee in the Bay Area. Has set up 'Full Wilderness'.
5A - Read Jatak's books. Examine Jatak's medical history. Determine if Jatak is being followed or bugged. Determine DG-friendliness and possible weak-spots. Interview to determine link with Tate as well as possible recent contacts with Genetech. Possibly suggest a temporary 'vacation'. Possibly have placed under surveillance.
5.1 Full Wilderness - Environmental Group set up and run by Robert Jatak. Headquarters in San Francisco, staff of about forty. Activities include vetting of books for environmental content. Very professional and open to public scrutiny. Has previously come to the attention of DG.
5.1A - Find out how Full Wilderness came to the attention of DG. Check personnel for criminal links as well as links to Genetech and other known organisations of interest to DG (see 6 Biker Assault). Possibly interview select amenable staff. Possibly have the premises placed under surveillance.

6 Biker Assault -
While taking the 'starfish' from Full Wilderness to its current secure location P-cell were attacked by an armoured vehicle and four bikers armed with Uzis. One was a woman with a tattoo of a rose visible of her right buttock. They managed to fight off their assailants killing one of the bikers but were apprehended by the police. The 'starfish' was hidden and retrieved later.
6A - The timing and ferocity of the attack suggests a connection to Genetech. This means that Genetech, or whoever called for the attack, knew of the presence of the 'starfish' in the van in which P-cell travelled. This suggests that either P-cell or, more likely, Full Wilderness contains an informer. Another possibility is that the 'starfish' was somehow traced to Full Wilderness. Identify and locate the vehicle used in the assault. Identify the attackers, including the dead one, and purse them to obtain information on who ordered the attack. Compare description of woman with Armbruster. Use spent cartridges and captured weapons to trace the Uzis. Trace the path of the 'starfish' from Tate to Jatak trying to find out if the path had been followed by someone else.

7 Genetech -
Pharmaceutical Company. Worth in the order of two hundred million dollars. Specialises in GM food where it holds various patents. Also investing in GM animals. Owned by New World Incorporated.
7A - Locate all Genetech properties in California. Make sure patents and other available information on research be evaluated for possible EBE content or connections. Also, evaluate links between research and recent phenomena, including 'starfish' and Golt's sentient plants.

7.1 Genetech personnel -
No investigation of the personnel has yet been undertaken.
7.1A - Obtain personnel lists. Examine for criminal activity, DG-friendliness, previous DG investigation, connections to Tate and Armbruster. Isolate candidates for further examination and utilisations. Contact and turn to our use.

7.2 New World Incorporated -
Company which owns Genetech. Estimated worth of about six billion dollars. Holdings around the world. Incorporated in British Honduras in 1965. Detailed information unavailable. Used to be called New World Industries. Formed in 1920's. Suffered set-backs in 1930's. Made fortune during WWII.
7.2A - Gather detailed information on New World Industries and Inc. Find out names of owners during the pre-65 period and look for wealthy descendants. Find out main commercial activities, especially reason for success during WWII. Find out if New World Industries or Inc has come to DG's attention before.

8 Sentience in Plants and Animals -
There must be information available on this phenomenon.
8A - Compare available information to the case under investigation. Project and relate based upon comparison. In particular, find out if ET assistance is likely and which known groups are most likely to be involved. This would be best handled by an expert.

9 Genetic Modification -
Likewise, for information on GM. Focus upon the possibility of the creation of super-soldiers and the possibility that Armbruster has been prepared for this purpose.
9A - Same as for 8A.

10 P-cell -
The cell which has, thus far, handled the investigation. The cell appears to be suffering from too great a reliance upon enforcers. The case of <Name Redacted> also points to P-cell possibly being unreliable under stressful conditions.
<Section Redacted>
Their activities thus far point to a woeful lack of awareness of the possibility that they may be followed and, themselves, investigated. Furthermore, <Name Redacted> body has undergone left-right reversal leading to possible difficult questions if <Redacted> undergoes medical investigation.
10A - An arm's length approach seems most advisable. P-cell ought to be checked for bugging and tails before being approached. Once they have been checked they should change their vehicles and places of residence and <Section Redacted> so as to avoid the possibility of later contamination. Finally, they ought to be reminded of the need for anonymity and deniability and required in the future to show a much great level of care when contacting exposed individuals such as Golt and Edward Tate. Given the attack on them while they transferred the 'starfish' we must assume that Genetech is aware that they are being investigated and quite possibly aware of the exact people whom they are being investigated by (even though it is unlikely that they have traced the activity back to DG).

11 Resources -
A rough idea of the types of resources available to us, especially those in the Bay Area, would be very useful.
11A - Contact leader and discuss availability of resources. Four important varieties are; emergency armed back-up, on-going expert opinion and information channels, information gathering devices and personnel and, finally, the financial and other resources necessary to help deal with possible informants.

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