Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

 Agent Dossier - Special Agent Karl Muller (Removed from service)
Hey, doesn't he look like Christopher Walken in Nick of Time
Removed from service and currently held in high security mental asylum after murder of a DEA Agent on national television

Detroit, Michigan on January the 11th, 1961

Father - General Motors middle management
(now retired)
Mother - home-maker
(died seven years ago)

University of Michigan -
Bachelor of Arts - Politics and History

Military Service:
Lieutenant, Unites States Marine Corps
Saw active service in Grenada

Psychological Analysis:
Violence, or the very threat of violence, gets results. Being the bigger one, the one with better weapons always helps to settle an argument, as Muller has seen. It worked for his father and it worked for Karl when he was a child ruling the playground. Compassion is merely the weapon of the weak - those who have no stomach for a fair fight - a weapon aimed at bringing their opponent down to their level. Muller has never had a problem with using force, indeed it is his normal way of interacting with others. This outlook on things has meant that Muller found a natural niche for himself first in the army and now in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The way Muller sees it, there is nothing quite like a short sharp shock to obtain compliance.
Muller's last case was the Atlanta Skinner murders (Nathan Mitchell, BATF Director of SE Region was the SAIC). He and Agent Davis were brought in to investigate a cache of stolen weapons found during the course of the investigation. Muller's relationship with Davis is difficult since Davis does not properly acknowledge Muller's authority. Either could have ended each other's careers given what they know about what happened during the case but neither seems willing to bring a third party into their ongoing struggle. As it is, the disciplinary committee is likely to bring forward a finding of no fault. The two BATF agents managed to get a result in the Skinner case, after all.
Agent Muller's personality profile is Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging and his IQ is 130. He is single.

Warning: This is only a fictitious character. Any similarity to an actual person is incidental but somewhat troubling.