MURP Delta Green Game

Puppet Shows & Shadow Plays FBI field office, Pheonix Arizona.
9:00 am.

Special Agent Striker, Special Agent Carter, Agent MacLeod, and Agent Margolis meet with Special Agent in charge Hobson. They are briefed on the disappearance of 13 people in the last month. After asking a variety of questions they drive to the San Carlos Reservation and meet with Major Francis Garret of the Arizona State Police and Sheriff Mangas Colorados of the San Carlos Tribal Police.

After a brief meeting with the two, Sheriff Colorados takes them out to the Resevoir where the two campers dissapeared. They scout around and find not a lot.

They drive the length of Route 70 and examine the sites where the abandoned cars were found. Again they find not much, mostly due to the amount of time that has elapsed since the cars were found.

While Agent Margolis frightens a man who is filling up his car the others ask questions of the cashier at the gas-n-go. He is unable to tell them much about Felix Royos. They have lunch and drive back to the Reservation, heading for the Begay farm. Agent MacLeod makes a phone call while they drive and books them rooms at a motel in a nearby town.

While Agent MacLeod is looking around inside the house Agent Carter manages to lock his handcuffs around his own wrist (while fiddling about with them) and drops the key somewhere near or under the car. While the others are helping Carter find his keys Margolis spots some vultures in the distance. Heading off alone she finds a pile of freshly turned earth which has some reddish brown flesh visible where someone has dug away some of the dirt. She calls over the others who run on over. Upon arriving they discover that Agent Margolis is standing in a field of freshly turned patches of earth...

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