MURP Delta Green Game

Session 11

One rather suspects that careful lab analysis will not be the breakthrough that solves this case. Rather, it will be our every-day detective skills and quick thinking...

Police are treating that forest fire as suspicious...

Wednesday, 26 May, 1999

#1. Farm Owner: Peter Tait.

#2. Samples:

    - Red flowers look like a type of poppy.
    - Only found growing out of carcasses.

    - The cat seems fresher today.
    - Flowers (whole plants) poked into the cat, as if planted in it.
    - Hypothesis: Flowers engineered to rejuventate, erm... animals.

    - Others stuff was: fern, strawberries, rose, orchid flowers, misc stuff.

Don't ask me what really happened with the samples, I'm only the scribe. I think Margolis was going to set some test going on the flower's roots, and forward the rest to people she knows in the FBI.

#3. Full Wilderness - have address.

#4. Dawn Biozyme - have address.

Traxler drives by. It's a bit of a fortress: dead end street, high brick wall and barbed wire. Inside, a 3 storey operations building, two warehouse type buildings, a car park.

Incidentally, there are no impending lawsuits involving Dawn Biozyme.

Tait's phone book, Biozyme contacts

  • James Corezini (genetics and microbiology)
  • Howard Finley
  • Phillip Larson
  • Arnold Spencer
  • Lois Keating
  • Fred Geerie
  • Jenny Armbruster (with address)
  • Nick Freezer
  • Michael Zhang
  • Phillip Quinn
  • Adrian Walker
  • Rod Gilett
  • Harold Gall
  • Gail Rishbridger

Passwords in mind, Traxler mail-orders a bunch of surveillance gear.

Corezini, Finley and Tait each hold patents on designs showing questionable ethics. [Doh! What are the issues? Probably, they correspond to the treaties they are suspected of breaking.]


    - A couple prohibiting transfer of genes between species.
    - One prohibiting transfer of genes between plants and animals.
    - Two prohibiting genetic experiments on humans.

Have address, will visit

Ashford and Carter go to interview Jenny Armbruster, but her house has been sold and a new tennant moved in a week ago. Her new address in a lot in Renuncian(?), which is just across the mountain range from Delilah. A mere 5 hours drive. (Also, she used to go to the gym a lot...)

The next day, with Margolis encorcled by the demons of healing, Ashford and Carter drive out to a service of worship at Armbruster's new home, while Traxler and Day go curb crawling for the most buggable house...

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