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Session 11b and 12 - Ashford and Carter's story...

The agents arrive at the Renuncian house and prompty ring the intercom-doorbell and ID themselves. Gonna have to kick that habit. While waiting for Jenny, Carter takes a look around the side, sees this massive beagle looking all too friendly and sprints for the front, and Ashford. Here, they forget to keep running.

An eleven foot woman appears around the side of the house, they say Hi, she waps Ashford over the head, shoulders him, and starts dragging Carter by the ankle. A shot in her leg doesn't phase her, just gets Carter knocked out.

Ashford regains consciousness first and prods Carter till he wakes, with a bruised or cracked rib. It's cool and dank; the light is artificial. They are in a volcanically formed cave, locked behind chunky iron bars.

Outside to the left, where the light is brighter, is a buzzing akin to staticy TV. To the right is a scampering sound of overgrown rats, coming closer.

It's the giant dog - Willy, he calls himself. A friendly giant talking dog is better than an unfriendly one (we reckon), so we give him a scratch and a pat, and he tells us he lives in this hole with Jenny, and there's another person, Nollie...

The giant woman who put 'em there is Jenny Armbruster, who generally treats them pretty well as prisoners go. Food, water, bedding, vitamin pills at breakfast... Nothing you wouldn't trust where bizarre genetic experiments are involved. She claims to be protecting them from something outside, but won't elucidate.

As they eat the chicken kiev, they make chitchat. Their first weird case - perhaps she'll talk a bit more knowing their prior experience. About herself, she was a bodybuilder, very vain. Seems to have a few little misconceptions about physical ideals. Carter is persistently curious about her size, growth and so on. She is-- perhaps sensitive, perhaps secretive about it. Maybe she just doesn't like Carter cos he shot her. All she will reveal is a picture of herself, apparently 6'6" tall about two years ago.

While she is gone getting bedding for them, there is a lot more buzzing, and coloured light flickering up the tunnel.

After several hours locked up, they still do not have a cunning plan.

Thu 27 May, 1999

First thing in the morning Jenny thinks Carter has something to say to her. Ashford works it out and when Carter has apologised for shooting her, Jenny seems amicable again. Then Carter refuses his proffered vitamin pill, but things don't go too badly.

The two agents try to win her trust, which she seems to want to give, and form a bit of a friendship with Willy. They're allowed out, provided they behave well. She puts them to work in the lab (and washing the breakfast dishes), and they all make with the smalltalk again. And a bit more heckling about her height.

  • Jenny studied at UC Berkeley.
  • Used to train at Thor's gym, with her best friend Noel (Nollie).
  • Noel is going out with Bill Martinez.
  • Dan Bonaventura was mentioned for something.
  • Willy keeps Jenny company, and occasionally friends drop by. (!)

She excuses herself and departs behind the sheet with Willy, warning them not to touch anything.

Promptly, Ashford riffles through some computer printouts, Latin stuff with a few english annotations, and "Property of New World Industries" on the footer. Looks like Chemistry, or... Alchemy.

She's been gone about twenty minutes when Carter starts wandering around, and she returns, livid.

Jenny starts screaming at Ashford and Carter, roughly hurling them back in the cage and ignoring them. They go hungry and thirsty and get screamed at if they make a nuisance of themselves. Jenny can be heard murmuring somewhere. Talking, ritual, gibbering... Who knows.

Much later...

After a day or so (and some Metalica), Carter asks after Willy. This gets him hung by his feet over a deep pit. Sheesh - talk about misdirected anger. He swings himself onto a ledge and has a moment of nosing about before Jenny clubs him over the head and hangs him by the wrists this time. What he has seen behind the curtain is a body wrapped like a mummy in plastic, all except her head - perhaps it's Nollie - and a strange, swirly [picture, carving, or something] on the wall.

Ashford is stationed and ordered to guard him, on pain of same treatment. Together they scheme and plot... Their trippy plan for tripping Jenny in the pit is panned - giant Jen wouldn't fall for such a petty ploy.

Er-- That is, they can't think of anything useful to do.

Soon, Jenny dumps Traxler and Day's bodies nearby. She borrows them again, returning them with occulty cuts on their foreheads.

Later, Ashford and Carter hear gunshots and cower/hang in stoic paranoia.

Later again, there's a blast from down the tunnel, miraculously swinging Carter up onto the ledge. Soon they are disovered by a SWAT team and this guy, Lon someone, a friend or associate of Traxler's.

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