MURP Delta Green Game

Session 13

Ashford and Carter run around the caves collecting samples and stuff:

  • Jenny's hair, cheek scraping, blood sample, and fingerprints.
  • Willy's hair, cheek scraping, blood sample.
  • The woman in gladwrap, with broken neck. (Possibly Noel?)
  • The computer.
  • Paint scraping from swirly picture.
  • Fungus from house.

The Buzzy Thing is missing without trace.

On a high shelf we notice CCTV surveillance of the house.

Horiuchi is keen to dispose of the giant bodies - Jenny he sets aflame before pushing her into the pit. The light fades to a speck in the distance. The dog we carry from outside and into the pit also.

There is no pizza delivery boy.

The 4WD in the garage has Jenny's prints on it - normal human size - and hasn't been driven for at least a week. [Contrast this with Jenny's suggestion that she has grown gradually over several months / year.]

Phone Margolis, who informs us the evidence will be picked up 6am tomorrow from our hotels.

Bound for San Fran, we stop at a hospital, meet Jake Fled. Horiuchi off-loads the bodies here.

Back at the hotel, Ashford holds on to the printouts; Horiuchi takes care of everything else.

Come morning, Carter and Ashford are hussled into a car, driven to a vacant lot, and introduced to DG.

To 'explain' our missing guns and ID, Ashford and Carter order room service to the hotel pool. Fled and Horiuchi argue about who would want to steal stuff from a hotel room.

We all visit Margolis for a (de)briefing. Near the beginning, after Tait contacted Full Wilderness and they contacted the EPA (right?), Margolis was transporting this funky, brown, tentacly, beaky, sort of squid thing. Not squamous though. But the car was ambushed and it got stolen.

To resume the surveillance, we order in video, audio, cameras...

To Do:

  • ID the woman in gladwrap.
  • Surveillance of Biozyme employees.
  • Check out Thor's Gym?
  • Research occult meaning of cuts on forehead.
  • Confirm: are we looking for genetic stuff, freaky stuff, or both?

Jake FledGoldsmith
Lon HoriuchiGeorge
Judy Margolis (retired)Levine
Todd CarterLeighton
Joel AshfordLarson
Robert Traxler (deceased)Lawrence

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