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In which some evidence goes missing... They discover that there are 26 mounds of dirt in all. 25 smaller mounds and one significantly larger mound. They also discover that a coyote has wandered around the mounds and dug portions of them up, but not tried to eat the bodies. The coyote tracks mysteriously dissapear a little way away from the mounds. Agent Margolis takes photos of the scene and marks out the mounds. While Agent Ashford video taped the proceedings Judy begins to unearth the "body". They slowly unearth a male boy's arm, and eventually discover the body of Pacos Begay. Underneath him they find the rest of the Begay family. The bodies have been killed with a knife of some sort and been bled out. One of the boys is missing his lungs and the other his liver and kidneys. Judy takes tissue samples and sends them back to Pheonix for analysis. They decide it is getting too dark to continue excavating and leave the state police to guard the scene while they retire to the Victory motel for the evening. Agent MacLeod takes a bottle of bourbon to bed and orders pizza. Asford works on a profile of the killer and the others eat sensibly before retiring for the night...

The next morning:
Judy calls Bill Watson at the Phoenix office to enquire about the status of the samples. He informs her that nothing has been found yet, but he will inform her as soon as he has results. They proceed to the Begay farm and continue to exhume graves. They find that the other smaller mounds contain sheep. The sheep have also been bled out. Agent Carter decides to survey the scene from the air and gets the state police's helicopter to fly him out around the reservation. He quickly spots something white glinting somewhere away from the reservation. Closer inspection reveals it to be a buried piece of metal. More coyote tracks in the area, it having dug up the metal thing. The others arrive and begin excavating what it becomes apparent is a car. The car has one occupant. He is sitting in the drivers seat with his intestines spilled into his lap. A drivers licence reveals him to be one Kenneth Braverman of Houston, Texas. They inquire about Mr Braverman, the Houston PD is able to tell them that there is an APB out on Braverman and that he was a suspect in a series of murders, they say they will fax more information to them.

Garret arrives, slightly unhappy about the lack of updates from the Investigators. Margolis takes samples and sends the body back to Phoenix. Samuel Lightfoot, the Indian tracker, is located by Sherrif Colorados and brought out to the Begay farm. He looks around for a bit and decides that the coyote is strange. They bring him out to the car site and he follows the tracks around again. He finds that someone has concealed tracks leading away from the mound the car was buried in that lead to a rocky area. The rocky area is quite large and it takes them several hours to skirt the perimeter looking for where the person(s) might have left the rocks.

Meanwhile Agent Margolis, realising that the others have left with the car keys, interrupts Colorados and the helicopter pilot as they talk about various sorts of choppers, and asks for a lift back to the reservation. Upon arriving she realises she has voicemail now that they are back within cell phone range. It is a message from Bill Watson stating that the tissue samples he has analysed all contain some sort of neurotoxin. He is unsure of the origin of the toxin, since it does not conform to any known naturally occuring toxin. She phones him and discusses the matter. He informs her that he has asked several people who might know such things and none of them have any idea what the toxin could be. Margolis requests that he carry out the autopsies as soon as possible. He says that he will, as soon as he has finished meeting with some people who have come to see him. Margolis phones another medical examiner at the FBI office and asks if she can assist Bill since he has 5 autopsies to carry out. She says "Yeah sure, as soon as he's finished in his meeting". While excavation work continues on the car the others decide to travel to the resevoir with Mr. Lightfoot and examine the area for tracks. They search around and eventually determine that someone came in via the road and left through the water.

It starts to get dark and so they head back to the Motel hooking up with Margolis on the way. Margolis in the meantime has called Bill Watson to find out what sort of progress he is making and discovered that the NSA has come to speak with him and confiscated the bodies and samples as a matter of national security. Judy is suitably pissed and calls Hobson demanding to know what is going on. She is none too polite. Hobson politely informs her that he has been told to assist the NSA with their enquiries. She is very demanding and Hobson tells her that he will speak to Assistant Director about it.

They arrive back at the Motel. Margolis bitches at the others about the NSA stealing her evidence. They eat dinner and discuss their options. They all decide to retire to bed. MacLeod is the last one to reach his room, as he is fumbling for his keys he spots a black lincoln parked across the car park. Two men in black suits step out of the car and motion for him to approach. He does so and asks "Can I see some identification?". One of them pulls out a badge and says "Agent MacLeod, I'm from the NSA, we'd like a word." and he gestures towards the open car door. "certainly" MacLeod replies and as he ducks down to hop into the car he feels a pricking sensation in the back of his neck. His vision swims and everything goes black.

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