MURP Delta Green Game

Odds 'n' Ends

Perdu's girlfriend clims to be unaware he was dealing. She broke up because they were fighting.

Ashford is in charge of this case; and Assistant Director Matthews is in charge of Ashford.

Nov 14, 1998

Margolis takes blood samples from the team who've been exposed to the worms. Then spends the morning doing same to police.

Day works on analysing them (though Margolis has to do the final reading of results).

Ashford goes to Oak Harbour. Finds bugger all.

Carter goes to Ellensburg. Finds a prostitute apparently unaware of MacAlleth trafficking. Local informant mentions a rich Canadian guy who used to bring in drugs via the coast, about three years ago. Nothing more recent known.

Traxler goes to Garrison. He reports that he's found our worms... They grow in tidal rock pools and kids collect them to use for bait. Specifically, the two Knight children. MacAlleth dined with their parents, who are also implicated in the drugs case.

We all set off to join Traxler in Garrison. It's a four hour trip (eight for Carter, still in Ellensburg). He spends the hours fishing, heckled by the Knight kids, the boy want him to shoot his gun (and demonstrates eating worms), the girl drops worms in his pocket. He becomes obsessed with the possibility of infection, ha ashort lasting headache, buys new jeans. When Margolis arrives (with Day), he insists on blood tests immediately. She's far more interested in the rock pools, but does tests and pronounces him fine.

Ashford rolls up a few minutes later. He goes with Traxler to interview the Knights, while Margolis and Day check out the worms.

The Beach:
Working by torch light, they find leech-like worms, slimey, with hookey teech and mouth and one end. The live attached to the rock wall, probably fed from the rocks, are not parasitic. They take samlpes in two jars, about 25 worms in each. They return to their rooms at the Sea Harvest Inn to conduct a few more rat experiments, and bicker over who overdosed precious rat #7. They find that the worms have no reproductive system.

The Knights:
They don't look rich. Traxler accepts a glass of water, since he's sick of being offered bad coffee. Ashford politely accepts coffee. They talk to Mr. Phillip Knight in the living room (?), while a blond woman guts fish in the kitchen. The children are making noises upstairs, and Mr. Knight's brother and father, who work (fishing) and live with him, are not in evidence.

Ashford tells him MacAlleth is dead, of worm complications in his digestion. Mr. Knight has known "BigMac" for a few years. He was here 3 weeks ago - stayed in his truck. They went fishing together, including Knight's father and brother. Began a couple of years ago when MacAlleth hired Knight's boat. One or two occasions he's hired a (faster?) boat from the guy at the bait shop instead. (NB, the bait shop doesn't sell these worms.)

Asford notices a photo in the hallway: a group of ~5 men on a hunting trip. Not anywhere around here. Knight and MacAlleth are visible in the photo, Ashford wonders if one of the other men is Patteris.

They head for the kitchen to talk to Mrs. Knight and (father or brother?), but ...

The Inn:
Carter arrives tired from 12 hours of driving today, and takes 40 winks. Until Margolis notices it's late and wakes him and Day. They grab the local policeman, try to work out hos much backup they need - so far I don't think we've told anyone else - and head for the Knights. Carter and Day head for the door; Margolis and the local guy watch from their car.

Things Still To Look Into

Whereabouts of Ashford and Traxler.
Sons of Freedom
Boat near the Knight's house, the Ospray 5, belonging to a Canadian
Simon Patteris
Armitage Printers
Marine boligists who've heard of these worms. Perhaps we could get someone interested.

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