MURP Delta Green Game

Session 7

The Story So Far

Worms, drugs, rats.
Two missing agents.
I think that about sums it up.

Nov 14, 1998. 11pm-ish.

There's no answer at the Knight's door, but Carter gets zapped by their electrified front doorknob. Day and Carter have a sniff around the back, finding only worms wriggling in the roots of the trees.

A rainsquall drives the investigators back into their cars to await the backup.

Carter and Day take a team of troopers(?) and secure the house. Upstairs, the Knight's daughter, Sarah, drops a grenade at Carter's feet but blows only herself to bits. There's a foreboding staircase down, right under the stairs up. We take care of the Claymore on the stairs and proceed down.

Carter takes out some aggressive paint tins -- oops, hallucination. He rests upstairs, putting Day in charge of investigating the trapdoor, the one under the wardrobe (which means someone pushed that wardrobe from outside the trapdoor). Day starts to descend but is shot in the leg and falls, landing in worms.

A trooper realises that the big, tough, metal door is unlocked. Behind it, an armoury. We'll be wanting a bit more backup, real soon now...

Carter makes a team of three, drops in a flashbang and takes out the guy who shot Day, ignoring his funky goggles. He cautiously investigates the tunnels while Day is hoisted to safety. In the dark, a marksman wipes out one of the team. They retreat to wait for the second backup team. It takes Margolis' intervention to discover those are low-light goggles, bringing us onto a (sort of) even standing with who/whatever is down here.

[My chronology is all stuffed -- it's been two weeks :) Here's the short-form...]

With more backup in hand, investigations continue -- a girl (Mary) with a dolly is found, later turns out she's from Afghanistan. There's a very weird bit of tunnel, crossing into/out of it makes three men pass out. Magic portals will do that, apparently.

The swat team going the other way was decimated. Call in the ATF. Margolis sees a body from the team, retrieves it. She follows a macabre trail of broken bodies deeper into the tunnels, and meets something nasty. She finds Traxler and they escape through a back exit.

Earlier, Ashford met a voice in his head, asked it who it was. Now, Ashford is woken in a vat of worms, by a guy in a Seattle SWAT uniform, and runs for 15 minutes to get back to the house and out. The trooper who woke him is incoherent, and runs off...returning later with grenades and C4. The ATF arrive in time for a kaboom and a crater.


The tunnels are all collapsed. The PCs are hospitalised/repaired as necessary. The rescue team that goes through the rubble finds a few members of the Sons Of Freedom, who ran the survivalist bunker.

Margolis and Traxler visit the incapacitated in hospital. Likewise, the Knights escaped to the beach. They (he?) are the #1 most wanted.

(Patteris' country house raided and armoury found?)

Little Mary goes into psych care until she returns to Italy to stay with her grandparents.

Ashford has a hideous nightmare. Prostitute. Sex. Worms, erupting from her... He develops symptoms and Margolis diagnoses the cause as bowel cancer. The operation is successful, and after two months Ashford is back at work.

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