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Session 9

...continuing lunch at The Golden Dragon, ~2pm, Monday 24 May, 1999

Avi summarises what he was trying to tell us last session:

The EPA contacted the FBI who assigned Margolis to investigate Dawn Biozyme, which is suspected of illegal genetic research contravening seven international treaties, and related to the disappearance of Peter Tait.

IIRC, it was Frank Watts who contacted the EPA.

The Biozyme board of directors includes Corezini; the rest were appointed by Larson Pharmaceuticals (7 total).
The Larson board of directors has 12 members. [We can make up names for these folk.]

The Police Enquiry

Margolis sets up a meeting with Jack Bowling, and attends it with Traxler while the others wait. Bowling is a large black man in his late 30s.

    - Nothing conclusive on Tait.
    - Empty car found
      - by researcher at UCSF, Herbert Hike (Addr: 60/60/ Fulton).
      - ~5 days ago.
      - at lookout at sea cliff, popular for suicides (4/year).
      - had been there ~24 hours.
      - Tait's wallet on front seat.
      - Car scratched up, cause unknown, maybe the driver was drunk?
      - Car given to Tait's brother, Edward.
    - Neighbours hadn't seen him for a week.
    - Employers hadn't seen him for two days.
    - Brother Edward Tait not close; not helpful. (Addr: 441 Crestview, Linda)
    - Police believe it was probably suicide, though there is no note.

Peter Tait's House

The letterbox gave up an itemised phone bill, postmarked two days ago.

Remarkably, Traxler found the door seemed to have been left unlocked. Tait appears to have been well off, and much into home porn.

    - Plaque awarded by Biozyme to Tait for "Increasing the commercial possibilities of recombinant technology".
        (Print courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.)
    - Looks like he hasn't been home for a few days (gasp), and lives off take-away.
    - TV guide from ten days ago found, but not the guide from three days ago.
    - Lotsa books, research papers, and a computer in the study.
        Unable to trash the BIOS while there, we liberate the hard disk.
    - Bedroom arranged as a porn set. Camcorder and history of home videos (featuring Tait) plus some commercial porn.
    - No suitcases, shaver (recharger left behind though), nor medication.

The HD

    - Dual boot linux/dos system; dos only for games.
    - Script dialler is configured (just a phone no., not a known ISP (to us))
    - Mostly porn.
    - Encrypted (1024 bit) directory of Biozyme stuff. Need a pass-phrase to get it out.
    - Palm Pilot last sync'd 9 days ago.
      - One Memo: "Take to the farm: wires, batteries, 3 3-gallon cans gasoline, 8 heavy traps, 12 guage shotgun, 2 boxes shells, bible, cross, try F. W. Herman & co, try Cooper's Seed & Tool."
      - Herman and Cooper's are both garden supply shops.
      - Date book, mostly women, but also:
      - 26 days ago: "Go to farm, meet J Dylan"
      - 16 days ago: "Transfer money/farm"
      - Address of the farm: RFD 237 Delilah -- about 4 hours drive from S.F.

We note

  • No calls to the Delilah area on the phone bill.
  • Tait recetly registered a shotgun.
  • Traxler suggests it looks like he's trying to kill something but doesn't know how.

The Farm

With accomodation near Delilah arranged, we drive to the farm, Traxler and Day leading. Traxler makes like a scientist and asks directions at the local. Checking if he's followed en route, he hits a black man playing a sax on the road. Day also sees him -- but when they stop, he can't be found. There's no trace he was ever there.

With nothing else to do, we continue, pull over beyond the letterbox of RFD 237. The night is overcast with a new moon.

The farmhouse has grid power, but no lights are on. Climbing the fence, Ashford heads straight for the greenhouse. He opens the door and green tentacly things lurch out toward him...


No one new unless you count Edward Tait, Peter's brother. We have some new info on:

Peter Tait

    - Single, 34, 5'11", 170lbs physical descrip provided, parents dead.
    - Missing
    - Addr: 34 Miranda Way, S.F.
    - Microbiologist, many publications
    - Employee of Biozyme.
    - Involved in the Full Wilderness-sponsored research team.
    - Member of Full Wilderness.
    - Was trying to contact EPA.


  • Pater Tait (the diappeared)
  • Edward Tait (his brother)
  • Herbert Hike (found the car)
  • The Farm (site of evilness)

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