So I left him, and I went out to the street, Lowly, lowly, le-low...
Where the red light girls were coming after me, forty dollar show.

Magdalene (Maggi) Adele Frickhoffer
DOB: 19 June 1979 (Gemini)
POB: Lubeck, Germany.
POR: Hamburg, Germany, although currently in New Orleans.
Description: 5'6", blonde hair, blue eyes, fit. She wears clothes that she bought whilst overseas and lots of jewelry, all of which has a story.
History: Attended a Catholic girls school in Hamburg and decided to become a flight attendant after leaving school. She had an argument with her parents over money and left Germany to backpack around the world. She has visited most of Europe, England, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean and has been in the United States for 5 months, she then planned to travel down into South America.
She met up with some Spanish guys whilst in Las Vegas and decided to head off on a road trip with them. They ended up driving east towards the Mississippi. They dropped her off in New Orleans where she decided to stay and work to earn some more money.

Current info: She is currently living in New Orleans trying to earn money, whilst finding out more about Voodoo. She has been in New Orleans for 3 months. She is a barmaid at Phoenix bar and is also a waitress in a coffee shop in the French Quarter. She lives in a dingy apartment in the poor part of town. She has made a few friends with the locals who frequent the bar and the coffee shop and spends most of her free time learning more about the city. She is fluent in German and English and can speak some French. She jogs most days to keep fit. Her passion is traveling and finding out about other cultures.

All across the city's heart the lights were coming on.
The hotel lift softly hummed a Cole Porter song.
If I went to look for him, I knew he would be gone.

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