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Session ?
No write ups for some time, so it gets a bit hazy as to what happened when. I might just point form it until I can grab my players notes and go for a bit more detail.

Carter recieves an email.
Horiuchi also recieves one.

Carter and Horiuchi plan for a while and then proceed to the hospital to eliminate Margolis. After making their way to Margolis' room and arriving to find Margolis talking with a man in a dark suit.
*BLAM* *BLAM* carter Shoots the man.
Margolis (pleadingly) : "Todd, Todd, what are you doing"
*BLAM* *BLAM* Carter shoots Margolis.
Horiuchi to Carter: "Okay, okay, put the gun down, put the gun down"
Carter puts his gun down and turns to leave.
*BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM*. Horiuchi shoots Carter.
Horiuchi calls out for Security.

Convergence: The group is called in to investigate the town of Groversville following the arrest of one of the citizens, Billy Ray Spivey. Spivey has superhuman strength and a series of very fine surgical scars that are due to some of his muscle tissue being replaced by an unknown substance. Horiuchi confronts the Aldermen alone and does not return. The others eventually burn the town to the ground.

Outlook: The group spend a little bit of time running around an outdoors outlook simulation, being chased by Jenny Armbruster, who now works for MJ-12. They run into George MacLeod, now a resident of the Outlook Facility.

Dead Letter: The Agents are asked to field test an FBI Agent, White, as a possible DG recruit. The players investigate a package sent through the post. They run into Galt for the first time and shoot him a lot, he escapes.

Rules of Engagement (sort of):

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