Friends, Randoms, Countrymen...

Big bunches of people who I think are Forces for Good. Well, forces for good and have pages to link to.

Nathan Bailey
Anthony Baxter
"Nah, I'm not paranoid. Not unecessarily paranoid, anyway."
Ken Blakey
"And then you tell your brother about the talking M&Ms and he eats some of them and then locks you back in the cupboard..."
Tim Betz
"The chloroform wore off too quick"
Cameron Blackwood
Ahh, that subtle mixture of Ventrue and Brujah, "excuse me please... *BIFF*"
Kate Brown
Has anyone seen my fish?
Nicola Brown
I started off my travelling life as an egg. I have hatched into an aubergine.
Deird'Re Madelynne 'Margali' Brooks,
Hail Eris! [it starts to hail]
Andrew Cosgriff
"Short conference."
Elizabeth Drake
da..dada..dadada... superliz to the rescue... [pulls on underpants on the outside and leaps courageously off the front steps into the waiting dirty yellow corolla] have no fear young geek...i'm on my way (:
Sue Farrell
Double D breasts and a head that big don't mix.
Karl Geppart
peter: Are you any good at stats?
Karl: _Average.
peter: Aaargh.
Karl: Oops I didn't _mean that.
peter: grrrr
Karl: I'm getting out of his immediate range.
Andrew Humphrey
You need to work on your definition of 'perfect'. In a perfect universe, I'd be married to Elle McPherson and a millionaire.
Colin Jacobs
Col: I can't wait until 20 years from now.
Other: Why?
Col: Because they'll have cool stuff
Shirin Jacobs
"Hi! I'm colin's crazy californian stalker chick!"
Mark James should always remember, the mundies are our 'friends' With sufficient brain implanting (and then washing), they can become loyal converts to our cause, and in appropriate circumstances, they make excellent shields, food, or jury members (the devil made me do it!)
Sarah Johnson
I've kissed everyone here, so I say its an orgy.
Richard Jones
"When are they going to learn that people these days aren't satisfied with 15 inches?"
Gab Kenny
[Paws windshield] "Geen, guh geen!"
Richard Kershaw
You've screwed up your nose.... now I've grossed myself out.
Kyle Lake
Simone Loft
"I don't want to be a girl; I want to be a man"
Tali Nesselroth/Silva
I guess you had to be there.
Deborah Pickett
It's "Poison", not "Poisson". Who would wear a perfume called "fish"? [short pause] Don't answer that
Narelle Price
Just once I'd like to be surprised tonight.. AUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG!
Kylie Purcell
Secret doormouse attack!
Rob Rendell
Cam: "You don't think I'm going to let you sit here, do you?"
Rob: "I wouldn't want to sit with you!"
Andrew: "Here, Rob, you can sit here."
Rob:"I meant 'you' collectively, actually."
Inoms Rooney she conceeded that it's OK to kill animals so long as you eat them. I killed the mosquitos. I ate the mosquitos. Revenge is sweet.
Judy Routt
Liam Routt
Anders Sandberg
"Trust me. I'm a scientist!"
Toby Sargeant
little dead birds
suspended by strings
these are a few
of my favourite things.
Rob Shankly
Ia Ia Cthulhu ft*cough*
Pedro Silva
Ian Thomas
...but I'm afflicted with technolust.
Benji Wakley
And now the Christian creation myth in three parts with pizza shapes.
Christian Wilson
made stick men with t pieces :P